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How to get free BTC in 2020? The best ways

One day or another, bitcoin is going to the moon. And I really want to be here when it happens, with as much as possible in my wallet. But I don’t want to invest in bitcoin – I don’t want to spend anything yet. So I’ve tried different ways to earn free bitcoin. And here’s my take on how to get free bitcoins fast in 2020.

how to get free bitcoins

Micro earnings to earn free bitcoin online
Let me start with micro earnings. Because it’s by far the easiest way to pocket free satoshi – the smallest unit of the currency (0.00000001 BTC). And even if you’re a total noob, you can start right now. All you need is your computer and an internet connection – not skills.
And then you can either claim on faucets or complete simple tasks. No matter what you choose, you’ll have to spend some time on it. And you’ll get a small amount of bitcoin each as a reward.
Bitcoin faucets
Faucets are some of the best free bitcoin sites where you can find free money. And there’s no catch here. Because some companies are ready to pay you for the time you spend on websites, looking at their ads.
Basically, you sign up on a site like Freebitco.in. Then, you need to claim a reward by solving a captcha and clicking on a button. And that’s about it. But you can’t claim all the time. You’ll need to wait 15 minutes or even 1 hour between each claim.
That’s why you should register to each free bitcoin faucet of the list below. And claim more often.
You’ll never get 1 free bitcoin – of course. But you’ll earn little amounts of bitcoin. And little strokes fell great oaks!
Highest paying faucets:
Cointiply – Here’s my Cointiply review
Paid-to-click (PTC) sites
While this is a similar method, it can require more time from you. But more time means higher rewards… With these free bitcoin sites, you will need to watch video ads or to visit specific websites. And for each action you complete, you will get free BTC.
Yeah, that sounds a lot like the crypto airdrop campaigns listed on this site!
But in this case, there’s no deadline. And you can visit these sites over and over to get more and more rewards. So if you like watching videos, why not register on a PTC site?
Best PTC sites:
Play games and earn free BTC
Don’t really like micro earnings? Try a bitcoin game instead! With this method, the more you play the more rewards you get. And some games are pretty addictive… While some are browser games, others are mobile games (popular ones).
And you can literally get free bitcoins every second!
If you enjoy little games, this should be your favorite method. Because it won’t feel like a hassle. But you will have fun while earning free BTC.
Best bitcoin games:
Gamble much? Get free bitcoin
With these free bitcoin sites, you need to be careful. Because you can win some and you can lose some… There are two ways to earn bitcoin: First, you can get a welcome bonus when you sign up. Second, you can use this starting capital to gamble.
If a site requests a deposit from you, you should avoid it. But most of them don’t – they’re too happy to get their money back with users losing it all!
Because this is riskier, you should focus on the previous methods. But because it’s riskier, you can also make more money. Just remember to spend only what you can afford to lose.
Best bitcoin casinos:
Now you know how to earn free bitcoin. And, as you can see, it’s hard to get free BTC. Especially with the worth of bitcoin rising through the roof – check the price here – the rewards are indexed on it.
No matter what method(s) you choose, you need to grind every day to make a substantial amount. I tend to like faucets because they don’t require much from me. And I planned a routine where I claim every day – to maximize my earnings.
I don’t have time to play much, but I really enjoyed some of these games. And it doesn’t feel like a waste when you get more than useless digital rewards.
Finally, I hope you enjoyed the list of free bitcoin sites I listed above. And I’m sure that if you spend some time on these, you can pocket a decent amount. Maybe not become a millionaire, but share a piece of the crypto cake.